“Before we even were engaged, I remember telling all my friends that the most important part of a wedding was capturing it with a video. Looking back to planning our wedding, I totally went back on my own words. When the planning was almost done; tables were set, tents were laid out, catering company solidified… I was feeling like something was missing and began researching wedding videographers: that was when we found Next Episode. Both my fiancé and I were completely captured by the quality and artistic creativity: we knew this was something we wanted. Little did we know this would be the BEST decision we made when planning our wedding.

Both my husband and I are completely over the moon with both the Engagement Video as well as the Same Day Video, which had our guests falling off their chairs that night at the reception. We received our gorgeous Highlight Video just weeks before our one year anniversary and when we watched it, we cried & fell in love all over again. They truly captured our special day to the very last detail. It gave (and still gives) me goose bumps – just absolutely breath taking!

The professionalism, the fun, the laughs – Next Episode has the greatest most creative team and their work shines through and through. Even the packaging on the DVD is completely mind blowing!

I have had nothing but compliments from friends, family, even complete strangers on our video – the likes and shares speak for themselves: these guys are UNREAL and we recommend them to anyone and everyone who is considering a wedding videographer. I remember the night we had found Next Episode – the night we said ‘yes’ to a wedding video – saying to my fiancé “if our video looks half as amazing as this one [one of Next Episode’s productions] we totally hit the jackpot.”
Well, they completely outdid themselves because to us, our video was BEYOND AMAZING.

Thank you Next Episode, I feel like I can’t praise you enough on here – words just can’t describe how happy and pleased we are with you guys.

You are just ‘AWEEESOMMME!’

Kristyne De Mott

“2 years ago.. and still love watching and re-watching our wedding videos!! They were the best!! Can’t wait to show them to our kids one day!! Thank you for capturing a truly great moment!”

Michelle Ong

“I searched for the perfect team to film my first music video and I found them in the NextEpisode team. I can not express my enthusiasm for them enough! They went above and beyond. They are insightful, experienced, talented. Their skills helped create a gorgeous video. They really do what needs to be done for the finished product to bring happy tears to a girls eyes. I would highly recommend them!!
I Am Yours’ is posted on NextEpisode’s timeline 🙂 “

Eve Lacey

“We want to THANK YOU for the great work you and your team has put in for our video. It was really worth the wait. The packaging was amazing. The music for the version 2 highlight was even better than the music we selected. The editing was amazing. We were so glad we had you as our videographer.”

Johnny & Cindy

“To the Next Episode team – you literally made my fairytale wedding into a lasting memory. I can’t even begin to describe how much I appreciate all the hard work you put into mine and Johnny’s wedding video. It has brought me to tears so many times, as well as any people we show it to. I watch it every morning when I wake up, and every night before I go to bed. UN-believable work, you’re all amazing!!!!!! I just couldn’t be happier to have such beautiful documentation of the most magical day of my life. Thank you so, so much. This video will be something I cherish for the rest of my life. We will be forever grateful to receive such an incredible gift.”

Christina Goyetche

“I was the wedding planner at a Lake Louise wedding with Your Next Episode, and they blew me away!! The team was so kind and professional, and they were able to capture the most important moments while staying as invisible as possible. Antonio and his team worked tirelessly, they even surprised us with a hi-light film they were able to quickly put together of the day at dinner! Such a cool experience to get to watch the wedding you just witnessed in HD. Amazing collaboration, and I am dying to get to work with them again soon!”

Monica Meadows Sikora

“We highly recommend this team of talented artists, our family has never looked so great! Couldn’t have asked for anyone better and will do our best to spread the word of your excellence and professionalism. Thanks guys!”

Tree and D’Arcy Browning

“Had an absolute blast working with these guys – the video highlight made everyone all teary …can’t wait to see the full video! Would recommend Tonio and the gang to any bride looking for a videographer!”

Anita Wozniak

“Thank you Next Episode! Your team did such a phenomenal job capturing our big day.”

Elaine Tran

“Wow! We finally had a chance to watch the full video you made. What a rush of emotions you captured. You and your team did such a fantastic job…Beyond anything we expected. I am so thankful to have these memories on video in such a professional creative way. We really can’t thank you enough. Very well done, amazing talent!”

Catherine & Shawn

“I think I’ve watched this like 10 times this morning! It’s soooo good. Lol…the wait was worth it! It’s so professional, looks like something in the movies!”

Mae Lee